January 10, 2009

New Years

My good friend Carl has a cabin in southern Ohio that is over a 100 years old. It was the perfect place to spend New Years eve. A bunch of friends. No TV. Games. Drinks. Laughs. And some wood chopping.

This is the first video I ever made with my 5D MkII. I just shot a lot of random stuff. When I got home and saw the footage, I thought it would be cool to edit a video to ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’… which I had heard on ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’

Although the footage isn’t a little shaky… and rather random… I think the fun of the day comes across really well.

A side note on the song: I love the fact that even though he slips and says ‘Blig Rock’ at around :50…. it still made the final recording! haha… these days they spend days working on one song. This guy sits down, records the song… screws up one little part and they say… ‘that’ll work!’


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