June 5, 2010

Brian & Jennie – Engagement

Brian and Jennie are hilarious. They love life… and you can tell from their pictures that they are a happy couple. Their wedding this November should be great! I am really looking forward to spending some more time with them. It makes my job so easy when the couple has as much fun as they do…

So, this was the first time I shot an engagement shoot at Easton ( a local outdoor mall ). I have run into problems with Easton security in my past…One time we were filming an opening montage for a youth convention. The point of the video was to show what the speaker(Konan) was dreaming of before he showed up to the convention. There were a lot of his daughters stuffed animals around him as he falls asleep, so those influenced his dream. Konan was into martial arts, so in his dream he is dressed up like a ninja, and he is fighting off a bunch of animals (his daughters toys came to life). I was one of the animals, and was in a bear outfit. There is a fountain at Easton, if you have been there you know exactly what I am talking about. In the scene where he was fighting me, we planned on having him kick me into the fountain at the end. Well just before we got to that part… security (AKA ‘MISSY’) shows up and rains on our parade and says we are not allowed to film at Easton. We hung our heads and left without that final key shot. After leaving the mall we convinced the guys that we should just go back to the fountain, get out and film it real quick… then jump back in the car and leave.

So we did. We parked close by…. ran to the fountain. I got up on the ledge… the camera started to roll… and Konan boots me back into the fountain. I knew this was our only shot and I had to to it right… so I jumped back as far and high as I could and landed on my back in the water. Instantly water poured in through the eyes of my giant bear head. As I tried to get out I realized that the suit soaked up a lot of water and weighed a good 80 pounds more. I got out. We ran to the car and drove to a nearby parking lot to change (it was in February and very cold out… not good for wet bears). Well, just as I am about done changing, and going to get back in the car guess who comes running through the parking lot as if we had just shot the Queen??? Missy.

As she is running through the lot at us, we all jump back in the car and back up out of the spot… it was about that time that she had caught up to us, and as Konan threw his 97 green buick into gear she was banging on his window shouting to pull over…. HA!

We drove off…. only to have 2 of Columbus’ finest fly up over the curbs in their cars and corner us in. You would have thought we just did a major drug deal.

Thankfully, at the time I was one of the youngest, and hence bore the least responsibility…  Konan and the Director got out to do all the talking.

Long story short… the cops really didn’t care at all, and thought it was funny. But Missy….. she was not happy. And therefore we were kicked out of Easton for one year.

This was all going through my head as I showed up for the engagement shoot.

Thankfully, we only had one run in with the law… and after explaining that we had permission from the authorities to do the engagement shoot at Easton, all was good.


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