July 8, 2010

Hillary & Jeremy – Wedding Film

Jeremy and Hillary were getting married in Key Largo… “would you be willing to shoot our wedding???”

hmmmm, let me think… I guess I could travel down to that dump for a day or two haha

What an awesome location for a little get away wedding. Small weddings like this are great because they really bring family together, and it feels all the more special. On a beach…. in June… in record high heat (yeah, record highs for Florida… you know thats GOT to be hot!!!) they got married.

I was also given the task of shooting a video for this wedding that they could play at the reception back in Ohio to show their guests what it was like.

I hope to go back soon!!! My wife and I fell in love with the 86 degree bath water they filled the Gulf up with every day.

PS….. if you are ever in Key Largo, do not drive the extra hours to see Key West. There are some very pretty houses (especially Ernest Hemingway’s) and some really cool old banyan trees… but for the most part it is a tourist trap. My two cents….


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