January 13, 2012

Phil and Lindsay

This was the first wedding I have shot on New Year’s Eve. If everyone is used to going out and partying for the holiday, you might as well have them do it at your wedding! We lucked out and had some decent weather temperature-wise, so we were able to take advantage of the outdoors for our wedding party and couple’s photos.

The ceremony was in Lancaster and the reception was in Columbus at The River Club. The club is right at the junction of two major rivers in Ohio and provides a beautiful view of the city. It was a great reception, with a live band for entertainment. Despite the power going out on the band at 9:30… and everyone wondering whether or not the power would come on before midnight… everyone enjoyed themselves and rang the new year in the best way they could have this year.

Congratulations Phil and Lindsay, and Happy New Year to all!

Lindsay's Wedding Shoes

Zipping up the dress

Lindsay the bride - getting in her dress

Wedding dress buttoned

Crazy Bridesmaid getting her dress steamed

Final adjustments to the dress

Mother putting on the bride's necklace

Bride putting on a sash

Happy Bride - Brick and Lattice

Bride and Fence

Bride Bow

Walking bride

Father and Bride

Bride going inside

Groom Stare

Groom Smiling

Father and Bride walking down the aisle

Bride and Father at the altar

Ceremony - Bride Smiling

Ceremony - Priest blessing rings

Bride and Groom - first kiss

Bride and Groom exiting church

Bride and Groom detail - fur shawl

Close in front of the church

Sister of the bride giving her toast

Bridesmaid dancing

Bride and Groom - Riverfront - Columbus- Night


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