April 9, 2012

Ken and Sanjida – Engagement

Sanjida and Ken make a wonderful couple. When I arrived to Goodale I found them sitting on the bench under the big flowering tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but if I had to guess I would say it was a Magnolia, simply because thats the only flowering tree I know. We spent the evening walking around the park and meandering over to the Short North. Later on we headed down to the river to get some photos with the city. We lucked out with super warm weather and made the best of it. Congrats to you two! Good luck in New York!


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Jeremy & Hillary – Engagement
Fun shoot with these two on a very WINDY day. I have never had an issue with wind before, but this day it was relentless. Hillary's hair was all over the place... in her face... in Jeremy's mouth.... tangled up with my camera a few times. Finally founds some spots where it was a little calmer. Really looking forward to their wedding next summer in Key Largo :)
Jordan & Bethany – Engagement
Jordan and Bethany. Ken and Barbie. Blondies.What a great couple to shoot! Jordan found himself a sweet little southern girl who is not southern at all. Bethany is about as sweet as they come, and always makes you smile... and other times laugh pretty good. Jordan tries to play it cool... but his grin gets the best of him most the timeSo glad I could shoot Jordan and Bethany's wedding, and these photos as well. The wedding photos will be up in a few weeks... I've been slacking and am just now getting to putting up these from several weeks ago! ...
Beau & Sara – Engagement