June 13, 2012

Fun of SAM

Having dogs is like having children. The second one never gets as much attention as the first one. You have gone overboard with the first one and by the time the second one comes along you no longer feel like documenting everything.

I didn’t want that to happen to Samson.

Although Mc, our frist ridgeback, naturally ends up in front of the camera more due to his persona and expressive eyes, Samson definitely has a personality of his own, which is worth capturing.

In this video you will see Sam the very first time we saw him, his first day at our house, Mc’s impression of the new guy and also wondering if he is going to stay. The second half of the video is footage from our trips to Michigan, where our dogs have a blast.

I hope you enjoy this piece. It is rather random, but there is bit of a story to it. There are some pretty funny moments, as well as some shots that I personally enjoy from an aesthetic standpoint.

I started editing this shortly after seeing ‘Moneyball’ – hence the inspiration for ‘The Mighty Rio Grande’
The first song is ‘Baby’ by Bon Iver

This was the first project I edited in Premiere. I didn’t miss FCP one bit. Colored it within Premiere using RGB curves, which I know isn’t ideal. Looking forward to CS6 and Speedgrade. All shot on a 5D2. A lot of the footage is rather shaky… but it is the second child after all 🙂

Justine 09:27 November 22, 2013 Reply
Your work is so beautiful! Wish I could make awsome shots like yours, everything is perfect! Congrats!
    admin 22:52 November 22, 2013 Reply
    Trust me... not all my shots are awesome :) Thanks for writing... it means a lot!
Lilia 13:19 November 22, 2013 Reply
Well, I am trying to watch the video about Samson after watching the heart breaking video about your human son ......I also consider dogs our children. I have 4 rescues at home and each one has a story ...... I wish I had someone as talented as you are shooting my wedding, if I was getting married again! Beautiful work Benjamin. As I said I am trying to watch this one .... but it stops in the beginning of it and I can't see any further ...... Best, Lilia
    admin 22:32 November 22, 2013 Reply
    Glad you got it to work!
Lilia 13:31 November 22, 2013 Reply
AMAZING BEAUTIFUL!!! I could finally watch it till the end ....... I can feel the dogs were happy dogs have the love they deserve ........
    admin 22:32 November 22, 2013 Reply
    These dogs have plenty of love... just not as much attention these days :)
Jetta 18:32 November 25, 2013 Reply
Amazing work! You really know how to capture the moment and make the viewer feel connected. I just put my dog down and wished I would of had something like this to watch over and over again.
    admin 23:04 November 26, 2013 Reply
    Jetta. So sorry to hear :( I hope I never have to go through that... I hope you are doing well. It is going to be tough. You will find another dog.... but will never replace the one you lost.

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