January 8, 2013

Andrea and Nick – Wedding Film

What a beautiful day. What a beautiful couple. What a beautiful way to celebrate their marriage. I had a lot of fun hanging out with these two… they are a special couple. I can only wish them the best!

This is the second wedding film I shot this year. One of the things I love about weddings is that every one, although consisting of the same components in the same basic timeline, ends up being different. With photos that doesn’t change my job too much. However, with motion, it opens the door for a multitude of directions to take when editing. You can elicit a different emotion depending on what you choose to keep in and leave out. The music can make you feel happy, or sad. You gan go in many routes from the same footage.

Finding that route is the hard part.

I would say I am not as confident editing as I am with shooting, but feel I am slowly learning how to edit in a way that is best for me. Getting the music, timing, flow, and emotion of the video locked in is a really hard thing to do. I don’t think it will ever become easy. But, I do feel that it can become easier.

Wedding Dress: Since so many brides have been asking about the dress. It is Blue by Enzoani and the dress style was called the Dabra. Hope this helps!!!

Tonya 15:06 December 1, 2013 Reply
does anyone know what this song is called?
    admin 21:48 December 5, 2013 Reply
    Tonya, it is 'Happiness' by The Fray
dave findley 00:12 November 30, 2014 Reply
Awesome film. I'm just starting out, can I ask how you appear to keep the camera so stable. Monopod, tripod, shoulder rig? And for focus, external monitor?

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