Choosing a wedding photographer is an important decision. You are trusting this person to take the photos that will adorn your walls and shelves for the rest of your lives. You will see these photos daily. Do yourself a favor and get a photographer that is going to make you smile every time you see the photos. Someone who captures the day in a way that helps you relive the day with great joy.

There are a hundred ways to shoot any given moment, but only a few of those are the best. Sometimes your photographer only has a split-second to evaluate the location and lighting and decide what to do. Will they get it right? Will they shoot it in a way that gives you full confidence they know what they are doing, and you are getting some amazing photos?

I want people to be real. I don’t want them to look awkward. I don’t want them doing something that is ‘not them.’ If standing in a field holding hands is not you, we won’t do it. If smiling at the camera is not you, we won’t do it. If being serious in front of the camera is not you, we will try it, but if it doesn’t work out we will pretend it never happened! I personally like when people just look at the camera, being neither forcefully happy nor uncomfortably ‘vogue.’ I feel you see the real them. I take time to meet with my clients before their wedding to figure out what they are responding to.

I started shooting with film cameras a few years ago and love the images I am getting. There is something about film that still can not be matched by digital cameras today. The color and creaminess of the images is unmistakable. Beyond the look of film, I believe it makes me a much better shooter. When I only get 20 photos per roll, my attention to detail is elevated and the end result is always better.